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"The stoty of diamonds in Europe is deeply set in a complex, multilayered and interconnected matrix of historical dimensions. As a typical luxury product, diamond raise issues of technical..."
"Maiolica workshops in Faenza produced the first bianchi wares in 1540 using a delicate récipe that represented a technical breakthrough in stabilizing White enamel. The celebrated bianchi id..."
"The chapter provides a survey of the long-term evolution of the Italian National Innovation System since the unification of the country in the 1860s. In the first part we sketch a broad..."
"This essay offers a detailed reconstruction of the context in wich Marconi grew up and of the process wich, as early as 1895, led a Young "passionate amateur student of electricity" to focus his..."
"In the second half of the nineteenth century Italy was a latecomer, and a peripheral one, in the new advanced technology of submarine telegraph cables. Although unable to compete with the European..."
"The chapter explores the approach to technological innovation and the evolution of technical expertise that characterized the establishment of the Italian instrumental mechanics at international..."
"I features such a descorative patterns and forms can be imitated, a technique shoud be learnt. The transmission of know-how is a complex process; diverse factors that could either flavour or..."
"In the early eighteenth century the comercialization of raw silks operated within a long-established, highly competitive, and fast-expanding market, linking scores of specialized production áreas..."
"The law on intelectual property rights that the government of Venice issued in 1574 is still today considered the ancestor of the current patent system. By recognizing that inventors and innovators..."
"This article aims to contribute to the history of technological innovation by using a case study to investigate the practice of invention and the transfer of kowledge in the field of planetary..."