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"Lecciones Juanelo Turriano de Historia de la Ingeniería es una colección que tiene como finalidad la publicación de conferencias impartidas por especialistas reconocidos, en el marco de cursos..."
"In the first half of the seventeenth century the clash between France and Spain is reflected in the north of the Italian peninsula: in the past allies, now enemies, the Duchy of Savoy and the State..."
"The engineer Tiburzio Spannocchi, Knight of the Order of Malta, owed his fame to a large extent to his ability to draw. The aim of this study is to highlight his versatility as a draughtsman in the..."
"This paper aims at highlighting the importance of drawing as a reflection of a historical period (the sixteenth century) where the Spanish Monarchy exercised a strategic control on North African..."
"With a view to understanding how fortifications were designed, this chapter first studies military engineers’ drawing, surveying and stake-out instruments. It then describes design methods by..."
"The paper explores the issues around the drawing of the military engineers serving the Spanish Crown in the Kingdom of Sicily between sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, especially focusing on..."
"This chapter reviews the Crown’s seventeenth century engineering projects for highly strategic western Liguria and in particular the port at Finale. It analyses the effect of military operations..."
"Military engineering treatises and the curricula of such institutions as the Academy of Barcelona, the École Royale du Génie de Mézières and the École Polythecnique stress the role of art du..."
"The conceptual guidelines of this study deal with the achievement of the institutional will of the Bourbon Spanish monarchy, since its inception after War of the Spanish Succession, in order to..."
"This article explores the possibilities of drawing as a tool for the technical characterization of fortification and explains its use on the studies published by the author in the last 25 years. A..."
"In 2002, in Amsterdam I came across an atlas with several drawings of Spanish fortifications. Two of them were plans of Roses and Trinity Castle. Six years later I managed to locate the same..."
"This paper aims to analyze an aspect of the courtly education of Prince Philip III on which historiography has put scarce emphasis: the role played by mathematics and other disciplines which, in..."
"This chapter addresses the relationships between frontier, drawing and secrecy in Spain’s Habsburg monarchy in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Those relationships were the outcome of the..."
"This chapter discusses eighteenth century graphic production around the royal sites built in the vicinity of Madrid as a contribution to the general study of engineers’ drawings in Spain in that..."